2014-08-24 Queeny Park

Updated 8/18

Queeny County Park Summer Farsta and Mountain Bike O’
Please join us for some summer park orienteering in Queeny Park.
Location: Use the Weidman Road entrance and follow the signs to the event site (behind Greensfelder Recreation Complex, near the tennis courts)
Registration: 9 AM
Farsta mass start: 10 AM
Two courses will be offered:
1. Farsta
What is a farsta? This style of orienteering has Scandinavian origins. The farsta is a mass-start event in which competitors do two or more loops of a course. During the course of the loops, runners go through some shared controls (orienteering checkpoints). That is, on each loop, they visit some of the same controls visited the time before. But, they enter them from different controls and leave them for different controls. By the time they complete the entire course (all loops), they will have run exactly the same legs as everybody else on the course. But, they will do the legs in a different order from most other runners. There can be many different combinations!
Sound complicated? Actually, it isn’t. Come see! The Queeny Park course will be appropriate for all levels of orienteers, including first time beginners. Full instruction will be provided prior to the start. Although navigation for this course will be relatively simple, advanced orienteers will be challenged by the need for fast decision-making. Mass start at 10 AM.
2. Mountain Bike O’
This course will use Queeny Park’s extensive trail system. Trails are primarily crushed gravel with rolling hills, however a small amount of less-maintained singletrack will also be used. The singletrack sections will be short and bikes can easily be walked through these sections if desired.
No bike? No problem! We will also have a division for runners/hikers. Course length is approximately 10 kilometers.
If desired, this course may be completed after you are done with the farsta course.


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