2016-04-16 Broemmelsiek O-Meet and Bike-O Results

Thanks to everyone who came out in the great weather.  It was good to see interest in the Bike-O and we’ll do more in the future.  Thanks to all who helped out – Jerry, Al, Nathan, and thanks to St. Charles County Parks for letting us use the space and park.


The results are posted below.




Participants Time Group/Individual
Robert and Amie Bart 34:16 G
Schoewholz Family 26:17 G



Evan, Blake, Veronica 27:24 G
Jennier Jones, Danial Perkins 44:27 G
John Jones, Luke, Conner,  Sydney Perkins 44:27 G
Julie & Pete Lasater 44:51 G
Deyo Family 46:00 G
Tim, William, Tom, Parker, Tyler 52:38 G
Janet Clawitter 56:09 I
Missy Fallert & Family G
Lisa Plair G
Karen Holtmann 36:00 I
Robert and Amie Bart 57:00 G
Evan, Blake, Veronica 73:17 G
David Beattie 81:00 I
Amanda Lappe 81:00 I
Bob and Kathy Evans 137:00 G
Katharine Shockley, Lisa Manela 179:00 G
Brennan’s (Kim, Elizabeth and Steve) 131:50 G
Matthew Ortballs 145:30 I
Rudy Schwarz I
Brian Guenther I
Damian Mehoney 75:35 I
Nathan Graves and Melissa Kelly 80:27 G
Dave Hagen 85:35 I
Josh Borgmeyer 93:10 I
Jeremy Jamerson 94:05 I
Tim Guetersloh 101:55 I
Dave Welsh 191:30 G
Scherrer DNF G
Johnathan McKenna I
Dave Hagen 50:00 I
Nathan Graves and Melissa Kelly 54:28 G
Damian Mehoney 54:30 I
Al Beers 56:30 I
Karen Holtmann 60:34 I
Seth VanDyk 62:29 I
Brian Guenther 63:49 I
Jim Moody 74:20 I


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