2017-5-21 Boot vs. Bike Orienteering Race

Lace up your boots and lube up your chain for the next SLOC event; Boot vs. Bike!

The event will be held Sunday, May 21st at Greensfelder Park.  Race start at the Beulah Shelter located off the Scenic Loop Drive.  Course opens at 10:30am and closes at 3pm.  The featured course will be a “green” level course which can be completed either on bike or on foot.  Using a bike encourages you to use trails or try a few bike whacks.  On foot you can cut off distance and move more directly.  You can choose to complete the course using either mode OR take the challenge and try it both ways to see which is your own best time.  We’ll have a winner for each mode, and a winner for combined time for those who try both.  Depending on participants we’ll do some divisions if we get enough entries.

For beginners and those looking for a more casual experience, there will be a “yellow” level course with 9 controls which uses well marked and beautiful trail including some of the great new trail built recently by GORC.  Thanks!

A “white” course hike has been added that catches 6 controls and is well marked.

We encourage all levels to come out to the park and enjoy one of the courses, there will be something for everyone.  




Immediately following the event, we will hold our annual Membership Meeting.  This is a board meeting open to all SLOC members.  This is an important meeting for our club as we look to fill 3 seats on the board.  We are accepting nominations including self-nominations at this time.  If you enjoy our events, please consider joining up as a board member to support the club.  Without board members wiling to keep things going we won’t have any events!  Being on the board takes about 3 things 1. attend the events you can and lend a hand, 2. come to 3 meetings per year to help us plan and give direction, 3. love orienteering and the outdoors.

For those who want to be even more involved there are plenty of opportunities for leadership on tasks, or special projects as a board member.  Please consider attending our meeting at 3pm on the 21st to hear about our club’s operations.

Please contact me directly with any questions that you have about either the meeting or event.  Hope to see you on the 21st of May.

-Nathan Graves


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