2017-06-24 Chautauqua Adventure 45 min score “O”

Registration at 8AM,

Start at 9AM.

Come for the first  Summer sersis with a sprint through the small town of Chautauqua, IL.  Using new maps this small town will provide some great navigational choices.

Score “O”  45 min time limit.

Sign up at the Pavilion (next to the pool)  in the front of town.   Follow the signs for parking.  Stay and enjoy breakfast at the local breakfast spot.

From Alton take the great river road toward Grafton.  Chautauqua is 10 miles up the road before Raging Rivers.  It is noted for the lighthouse in front.

This will be a free meet and all entries  will get a free pair of socks.

Sponsored by Thorlo.


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