2016-08-20 Chautauqua Adventure

Registration at 8AM, Start at 9AM.

Come for the third of the Summer sersis with a sprint through the small town of Chautauqua, IL.  Using new maps this small town will provide some great navigational choices.

Score “O”  45 min time limit.

Sign up at the Pavilion (next to the pool)  in the front of town.   Follow the signs for parking.  Stay and enjoy Grafton.

From Alton take the great river road toward Grafton.  Chautauqua is 10 miles up the road before Raging Rivers.  It is noted for the lighthouse in front.

2016-09-17 Kirkwood Night-O

Saturday, September 17, 8PM Mass Start

Kirkwood Park:  MAP

Meet Directors:  David Frei and Mary Piper

Following on the heals of the Greentree Festival in Kirkwood, this 1 hour Night-O in Kirkwood Park is great for kids and adults alike.

Registration starts at 7:00 PM,   mass start at 8:00 PM.


2016-06-17 Forest Park Sprint

Forest Park Summer Sprint

Friday, June 17, 2016

Course open from 5-8pm.

Happy Summer to SLOC and orienteerers, runners, walkers and enjoyers of Forest Park alike!  Come out on a Friday evening and enjoy the park and get your map reading fix in.  Nothing too fancy here, meet at the picnic tables at the corner of Wells and Government Drive.  Look for the signs.  It will be a sprint course designed to get you a good Friday evening run though the park.  Just fine for families who want to walk paths and a good sweat for those who need to run a little with a map in hand.  One course only, score O format, no time limit except that at 8pm the course closes.  It will open at 5pm.

Hope to see you out there,

Nathan Graves



2016-04-16 Broemmelsiek O-Meet and Bike-O Results

Thanks to everyone who came out in the great weather.  It was good to see interest in the Bike-O and we’ll do more in the future.  Thanks to all who helped out – Jerry, Al, Nathan, and thanks to St. Charles County Parks for letting us use the space and park.


The results are posted below.




Participants Time Group/Individual
Robert and Amie Bart 34:16 G
Schoewholz Family 26:17 G



Evan, Blake, Veronica 27:24 G
Jennier Jones, Danial Perkins 44:27 G
John Jones, Luke, Conner,  Sydney Perkins 44:27 G
Julie & Pete Lasater 44:51 G
Deyo Family 46:00 G
Tim, William, Tom, Parker, Tyler 52:38 G
Janet Clawitter 56:09 I
Missy Fallert & Family G
Lisa Plair G
Karen Holtmann 36:00 I
Robert and Amie Bart 57:00 G
Evan, Blake, Veronica 73:17 G
David Beattie 81:00 I
Amanda Lappe 81:00 I
Bob and Kathy Evans 137:00 G
Katharine Shockley, Lisa Manela 179:00 G
Brennan’s (Kim, Elizabeth and Steve) 131:50 G
Matthew Ortballs 145:30 I
Rudy Schwarz I
Brian Guenther I
Damian Mehoney 75:35 I
Nathan Graves and Melissa Kelly 80:27 G
Dave Hagen 85:35 I
Josh Borgmeyer 93:10 I
Jeremy Jamerson 94:05 I
Tim Guetersloh 101:55 I
Dave Welsh 191:30 G
Scherrer DNF G
Johnathan McKenna I
Dave Hagen 50:00 I
Nathan Graves and Melissa Kelly 54:28 G
Damian Mehoney 54:30 I
Al Beers 56:30 I
Karen Holtmann 60:34 I
Seth VanDyk 62:29 I
Brian Guenther 63:49 I
Jim Moody 74:20 I


2016-02-13 Meramec O-Meet Results

Meramec State Park – 02/13/2016
Course Name Points Time
Brian Guenther 11 93:57
Ron & Alex Chinn 11 105:34
Tim Guetersloh 9 81:32
David Welsh 9 110:01
Shawn Bleiler 9 123:31
Joe Stabo & Tamara Falke 9 170:04
Seth VanDyke 7 108:00
Carrie Sona 7 167:56
Adam Smith 6 93:20
Eric Buckley 12 79:07
Matt Scherrer 12 86:42
Nathan Graves, Philip Leachman, Melissa Kelley, Brian Rodenbeck 12 98:58
Stephan Boianoff 12 102:30
Jeff Sona 12 108:08
Bryan Niehaus 12 108:34
Josh Borgmeyer 12 110:52
Todd Dohogne & Scott Kiefer 12 124:12
Kevin Minton 12 135:05
Scott Shaw 12 142:20
Amanda Lappe 12 149:24
David Beattie 12 153:19
Kate Geisen 12 211:30
Tim Johanns 12 211:33

2016-01-23 Babler Cold Nose O – Results

Babler State Park: Cold Nose O’ 2016


White Course


Audrey Scherrer                                   71:58



John, Beck and Siri Vogel                   34:00


Orange Course


Carrie Sona                                           96:12



Brian Guenther                                    111:10

Jim Moody                                            130:20



Adam Kratochril and

Mike Leary                                            62:58


Jon Keyes and

Ellie Conoyer                                        93:25


Robert Whitman and

Sophia Whitman                                 151:45


Doug, Jophet, and

Ethan Hoff                                             116:35                   7 controls


Green Course

Tim Guetersloh                                    83:40

Steven Sivewright                                150:06                   5 controls


Red Course


Melissa Kelley                                     104:50

Amanda Lappe                                     160:02



Nathan Graves                                     79:15

Jeff Sona                                                83:11

Jim Avery                                               108:00

Kevin Minton                                        146:04

David Beattie                                        120:45                   6 controls



Emily Korsch and

Scott Erlandson                                   82:25


Jerry Young and

Leann Young                                         93:15

2015-12-13 Holiday-O Results

Shaw Nature Reserve, December 13, 2015
Name Time Points Penalty Score
Score-O (Group)
David Frei & Mary Piper 0:59:05 170 170
Sean Ross & Melanie Bateman 1:00:35 160 160
Jakab & Zdenek Palecek 0:59:44 150 150
Thad Close, David Hagen, & Andy Smola 0:59:48 120 120
Adam & Penelope Smith 0:43:33 110 110
Steve, Kim, Elizabeth Brennan 1:00:05 100 100
Doug, Japhet, & Ethan Hoff 1:00:03 90 90
Jon & Kipp Vitsky 1:02:42 110 -20 90
Rob Rossfeld & Garrett Sabourin 0:58:19 80 80
Robert, Abigail, & Sophie Whitman 0:53:45 70 70
Kevin Minten & Reamy Pearsen 1:08:16 90 -80 10
Samantha Ballard & Alexandra Deal 1:21:04 160 -210 0
Score-O (Women)
Karen Holtmann 1:00:58 140 140
Besa Schweitzer 0:57:25 120 120
Kate Geisen 1:03:14 110 -30 80
Score-O (Men)
Stephan Boianoff 0:59:24 180 180
Brian Rodenbeck 1:00:49 180 180
Josh Borgmeyer 0:59:42 160 160
David Beattie 0:59:12 130 130
Robert Bart 0:59:15 130 130
David Welsh 0:59:53 130 130
Bryan Niehaus 1:03:26 160 -30 130
Jeff Sona 1:03:28 160 -30 130
Tim Guetersloh 0:59:03 110 110
Al Gutknecht 1:13:17 180 -130 50


2016-11-26 Turkey-O

Turkey “O”  sponsored by Raging Rivers and Thorlo Socks
Date November 26, 2016
Registration:  9:00am
Start 10:00am
Finish: 1pm.
Course Closes 1:15
Place :
Raging Rivers
100 Palisades Pkwy, Grafton, IL 62037
For Further Information contact Jerry Young extresource@icloud.com
Come try out the bluffs of the Mississippi.  In one of the area’s great woods. New Map and area again this year we have more area and more Climbs.  ( This will be a hard one)
Two races a 3 hour and 1 hour score “O”.  On a brand new map.
1 hour score “O”  will use a pre-marked map. Which will finish at 11:am.
3 hour score “O”  will be a plot on the clock.  You will be given a blank map and then you must mark the points.
Pens will be available.  But we recommend you bring your own.
We also recommend that you bring support (water, etc.) as the climb for this course is very large.  We will try to have two Water Stops.
Thorlo Socks  has donated socks  for all in the event.

2016-04-16 Broemmelsiek O-Meet and Bike-O

Where:  Broemmelsiek Park, St. Charles County

Update 4/13:  I went out the park Monday after the rain last weekend and Monday morning.  The trail conditions for the sections in the woods were already very close to rideable.  There were trails sections in the open fields that were still really soupy.  That was Monday – and it doesn’t look like we have any rain in the forecast.  I’ll re-evaluate Friday afternoon, but I’m optimistic.

The creeks were also nice and high, so for red and green courses, be prepared to get your feet wet!  (nothing over knee high).  There are probably ways to avoid it, but it’d slow you down … and anyway, what fun is that?

April 16, 2016
Registration at 9 AM
First Start at 9:30 AM
Courses will close at 12:30

Meet Director:   Bryan Niehaus

This will be a traditional point to point AND there will be a bike-O (trail condition permitting).  Do one, do both!


I’ve started course planning.  There will be traditional red, green, orange, and white course for the foot orienteering course.  (for those of you new to the sport, beginner thru expert courses are available).  The latest draft has the red course distance of about 7km (as the crow flies) and hopefully provides some challenging navigation (20+ controls).  The beginner course is a little over 2km with about 8-10 controls.  It hopefully will present a good learning experience with a gradual increase in difficulty as you learn on the course.

I have not started the bike-o planning yet, but for those who are interested in bike-O.  Unlike many who may be used to Adventure racing, every point will be accessible from your bike – it will be on a trail or road (you must stay on trails and roads).  The challenge with a bike-O is the route choices you make – both when there are multiple route choice between controls and when you approach a control do you have a good exit strategy.  (Turning your bike around take time).  This park has road, single track, and mowed grass paths.

New Map!


This event will be using a brand new – never been seen – orienteering map.  The picture is above is a small window into what’s to come.  Generally, the park has a mix of open fields, prairie, and woods.  The map was build with a combination of LIDAR data, GIS public data (boundaries, etc), Hi-Res satellite imagery, and hours and hours in the park revising the base map and adding detail.

In conjunction with St. Charles County Parks Department