2018-08-18 Laumeier Sculpture Park

Join us for our second year with Jeff at this art park.  See art, run, have fun.

Registration at 9am at the Moss Shelter with starts to follow.  Course closes at 12pm.

We Will have two courses, a 2k yellow “kids” course and a 4.5k Orange course.

Immediately following the meet is a Board Meeting for the club.  At this club we will hold elections for two new board positions including the office of the president of the board.  All members are welcome to attend and vote.  If you are interested in joining the board and have questions about what that entails, please contact any of our board members.

2018-11-10 West Tyson O Meet

Many of you may be itching to get outdoors as the weather starts to cool.  Others may want to get some good practice navigating for the upcoming Castlewood Adventure Race sponsored by Alpine Shop.  Whether a beginner or experienced, this meet is for you.  Come out to one of the best local parks for orienteering in the St. Louis area.

Location:  West Tyson Park, 131 North Outer Road East, Saint Louis, MO 63025 at the Roth Memorial Lodge (follow signs).

When: Saturday, November 10th.  Registration starts at 8:30, Timed starts begin at 9:00.

Format:  Point to Point with 3 courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

White Course (beginner):  2 KM, mainly trail based with some hill climbing on moderately technical trails.  Skills required:  basic map recognition and be able to follow a trail map.

Orange Course (Intermediate):  4-5 KM, points placed on strong features.  Skills required: ability to understand contour lines and use compass to navigate off trail.

Red Course (Advanced): 10 KM, Difficult point placement, requires advanced skills of compass, pacing, and contour reading.  Grit and endurance are definite prerequisites for the Blue Course as this park has lots of fun hills!

Course Closes at 12:00 (last start is 9:30 for advanced course): each orienteer gets 2.5 hours to complete course before losing 1 CP per minute over the time.

Light refreshments and snacks will be provided.  Stick around and chat about your route/experience.

Balanced Body Rehab is a physical therapy service provider donating one complimentary biomechanical analysis and running evaluation to a lucky participant and will be chosen by a drawing at 12:00.  The participant must be present to win 🙂


  • Free for Members and their immediate families
    • Membership is only $50 annually for an entire family and you can sign up at the race if you would like
  • $20 for every adult for non-members.
  • $5 for non-member youth- under 18

BONUS:  Orienteering workshop for beginners and intermediate to be conducted at 9:00.  Volunteers will be available to answer questions following the short workshop as well.

Questions?   Contact Race Director: Josh Borgmeyer at 314-780-9759 or josh@balancedbodyrehab.com

2018-07-22 Queeny Park Orienteering

Our next event is being held at Queeny Park on Sunday, July 22, 2018 at 9am.  Registration begins at 8am.  Meet director is Yvonne Deyo.


– Mass start at 9AM
– The course will be a farsta format (mass start, 14 total controls, 2 loops with 3 common controls each loop)
– 15 different course combinations – following others is not advised!
– Approximately 4.5k total length
– Pay close attention to the clue sheet for the proper order of controls
– Less complex navigation, but quick decision-making is rewarded
– Course is appropriate for both beginner and advanced

2018-04-29 Greensfelder O Meet Results

Thanks to Kevin for taking his first crack at running a meet.  Well done and great to be in Greensfelder as usual.  A gem in St. Louis County.


Red Course
Place Name CPs Time
1 Nathan Graves 13 1:50:00
2 Mickey Bioanoff 13 1:53:00
3 David Hagen 13 2:05:00
4 Tim Guetersloh 13 2:18:00
5 Scott Herbst and Crew 13 2:36:00
6 Jim Avery 9 2:19:00
7 Matt Dorr Lost Passport N/A
Orange Course
Place Name CPs Time
1 Brent Suydam 10 2:38:00
2 Rudy Schwarz 7 2:30:00
3 “Super Kate” Geisen 7 3:04:00
4 Rachel and Libby 6 2:16:00
5 Neil Dickhaus 4 1:24:00
6 Sang Mok and Crew 1 1:55:00
7 Joe and Tamara Szabo 0 3:50:00
8 John Lappe Lost Passport N/A
White Course
Place Name CPs Time
1 Gochkov Family 8 0:49:00
2 Cassie Bart 8 1:07:00
3 Rachel and Libby 8 1:23:00
4 Jack Beattie 8 1:24:00
5 Nathan Graves and Crew 8 1:50:00
6 Travis Sumner and Crew 2 0:58:00
7 Andy Wit. And Crew Lost Passport N/A
8 Estella Cortivo Lost Passport N/A


2018-05-06 St. Francois State Park O Meet Results

Thanks to Dave Welsh for putting on a good event at a good park that we hadn’t visited in quite some time.  Results from the day are below.

2018/May/06 St. Francois
Course Name Points Time
Julia/Taylor/Justin 7 0:30:14
Alane Wolins 7 0:30:00
Jack Nankivil 7 0:42:03
Gary, Mggie, & Alan 7 ?
Lora Welsh 6 1:28:00
Brennan: Steve, Elizabeth, Kim, Emily 10 1:30:43
Jarrod & Jessica Mermis 10 1:52:12
Rachel Egger/ Lilbby Kam 10 2:13:00
Kate Geisen 8 2:13:55
Alane Wolins 8 2:25:10
Brent, Caroline, Will 3 1:58:00
Mark Geldmeier 9 0:56:23
Melissa Kelly 9 1:06:20
Adam Smith 9 1:35:06
Scott Kelley 8 1:16:20
Nathan Graves 10 1:20:30
Kevin Minter 10 1:31:20
Tim Guetersloh 10 1:37:02
Robert Bart 9 2:29:23
Joe Marncel 4 1:58:56


2018-6-9 Des Peres Park Memory O

Happy Summer!

Come out to the first of our Summer Sprint Series at Des Peres Park


7:45 Registration,  8:00 AM Starts, 10:00 Pick Up.

This one will test your navigational skills and memory!

This is perfect for families and beginners but will also still be designed as a challenge for elites.

There will be 2 maps:

  1.  White (Beginner):  Participants can carry the map with them and hone their navigational skills as they explore this fun municipal park with control points placed on strong, easy to identify landmarks.
  2. Red (Advanced):  Participants will study the map at the start and then collect all points from memory.  If they forget where a control point was placed, then they must return back to the start to look at the map once more to finish the course.  They must be careful to not punch the White course kites by mistake 🙂

Please call, text or email if you have any questions:

Josh Borgmeyer, 314-780-9759, jb.balancedbody@gmail.com


2018-5-6 St. Francois State Park O Meet

You are in luck!  Two meets in two weeks at one of the most beautiful times of the year.  We head south of St. Louis to St. Francois State Park.  David Welsh will direct the meet.  He did a great job of reviving S-F last April and now he brings up St. Francois.

Registration at 12pm with starts to follow.  Meet at shelter #2. 

Courses offered for all skill levels: Yellow, Orange, Green, Red

SUNDAY, MAY 6, 2018

2018-4-29 Greensfelder O Meet

We return to Greesnfelder for a late spring event.  Multiple courses will be offered including a basic hike for the newbie who have never done a meet.  Of course, you know Greensfelder will have a solid red course as well with lots of climb for all the crazies.  Kevin Minton will be the race director.

Registration begins at 11am at the Glassberg Shelter

SUNDAY, APRIL 29, 2018

2018-03-24 Beaumont Scout O Results

Thanks to David Fisher for leading this event for our club and all the scouts.  It was a wet and chilly spring day but a nice chance to get out on Beaumont and find some controls!

Please the attached letter as well as the following results:

Results Cover Letter 2018


16th John Smerek Memorial Scout Orienteering Festival
March 24, 2018
Name(s) # Council District Unit Sex Cat. Penalty Points
Chase Sickbert 1 GSLAC River Trails P401 M 9 145
Simon Fioas, Hawick Kleiheider, Eric Searcy 2 GSLAC Osage T462 M 11 120
Erich Gund, Daniel Hotra 2 GSLAC New Horizons T809 M 11 65
Vivek Shanay, Kinshu Jain, Tyler Galibu 3 GSLAC New Horizons T809 M 11 20 50
Lindsey Gordon, Bailey Gordon, Scarlett Gordon 3 GSEM District 8 T594 F 12 Lost/Found Punch Card 65
Tistan Schomeker, Wyatt Morgan, Bryer Poe 3 GSLAC Osage T443 M 12 145
Zueh Mantinbard, Jaremiah Mantinbard Michael Hotra 3 GSLAC New Horizons T809 M 12 20 130
Logan, Culter, Zamiel 3 GSLAC Osage T443 M 12 60
David Buck, Robert Orear, Ramori Rogers 3 GSLAC Thunderbird T179 M 12 80 30
J Buman Tucker, Damien Wheeler 2 GSLAC Ozark Trailblazer T150 M 12 150 -70
Matthew Jacksen, Nate Sayer 2 GSLAC Gravois Trails T61 M 13 80
Thomas Kallaos, Kevin Buss 2 GSLAC Gravois Trails T61 M 13 75
Tony Schapp, Matthew Wagoner 2 GSLAC Gravois Trails T61 M 13 70
Max Coletti, Dom McEntee 2 GSLAC Gravois Trails T61 M 13 70
Jerry Fitzgerald, Even Wall, Eli Qguilar 3 GSLAC Pathfinder T284 M 13 65
Ethan Calthen, Gage Shuls, Brohtan Schearter, Dillan Smiter 4 GSLAC Osage T443 M 13 60
Stephen Hoerchler, Tristan B, Lucay Shomaroi, Sam T, Bryan Austin 5 GSLAC Osage T443 M 13 60
Jason Buss, Ivogh Dobbins 2 GSLAC Gravois Trails T61 M 13 40
Prariy VanFeldt, Evan Hereie 2 GSLAC Gravois Trails T776 M 13 40 10
Aaron Dobsch, Aaron Brinkmann, Kelton Barron 3 GSLAC Osage T462 M 14 160
Joseph Johnson, Jonathan Selph 2 GSLAC Gravois Trails T61 M 14 60
Tylor Krieger, Ian Wall 2 GSLAC Pathfinder T284 M 14 270 -110
John Fagre, Blake Ford, Jacob Schlag 3 GSLAC Osage T452 M 15 85
Nathan Watson, Travis Lugwig, James Fitzgerald 3 GSLAC Pathfinder T284 M 15 20 65
Tim Brennan, Jordan Cooper 2 GSLAC Thunderbird T179 M 15 35
Nathan Searcy, Korey Jarrell 2 GSLAC Osage T462 M 16 160



16th John Smerek Memorial Scout Orienteering Festival

March 24, 2018
Name(s) # Council District Unit Sex Cat. Penalty Points
Cannan Dowell, Wyatt Howell, Even Salecki 3 GSLAC Gravois Trails T776 M 16 115
Mitchell Gordon, Ethan Hoff 2 GSLAC New Horizons T554 M 16 20 90
Eric Trevor Roberts, Richie Keyes, Ronnie Keyes 3 GSLAC New Horizons T554 M 16 10 60
Jared Hasty, Kevin Nguyen, Evan Albright 3 GSLAC Gravois Trails T61 M 16 40
Ben Marquart, Matt Benedict, Lucas Brinkman 3 GSLAC Osage T452 M 17 210
Matthew Schmidt, Justin Schwehf 2 GSLAC Ozark Trailblazer T150 M 17 60
Troy Smith, Austin Kinealy 2 GSLAC Thunderbird T179 M 17 80 30
Even Searcy, Kristen Phillips 2 GSLAC Osage C462 M/F 20 155
Rob Ball, Chris Gordon, Tim Thorndike 3 GSLAC New Horizons T554 M ? 50 180
David Fisher 1 GSLAC New Horizons T496 M A 20 340
Dennis Brinkley 1 GSLAC Gravois Trails T778 M A 180
Ryan Soleck, Mike Hefele 2 GSLAC Gravois Trails T776 M A 145
Glen Mertins 1 GSLAC Thunderbird T179 M A 10 105
Tim Jones, Dave Brinkman 2 GSLAC Osage T462 M A 30 105
Mike Brennan, Steve Brennan 2 GSLAC Thunderbird T179 M A 100
Chris VanFeldt, Ron Humphrey 2 GSLAC Gravois Trails T776 M A 80 55
Competitors 100
Teams 42





Beaumont Club Event
March 24, 2018
Name Time
Tim Guetersloh 68:14
David Welsh 95:45
Travis Sumner 165:00
Jeff & Angie Ryan 65:00
Nathan Graves 69:00
Josh Borgmeyer 76:25
Matt Scherrer & Even Seale 79:20
Brent Suydam 85:00
Gebe Sison 118:00