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Here are some of the courses that we have used in the past.  Many of these courses are permanent fixtures that can be done without have “controls” placed.   Others may require you to just “know” where you are.

Please note that possession of these maps do not giver you permission to use the park location.  Please follow park guidelines and directions.  These are not sanctioned SLOC events, so you are on your own as it comes to safety or getting lost.

Carondelet Park Map

Map of Carondelet Park located in St. Louis.  This 180 acre park is urban in nature, mostly open fields or open fields with scattered trees, has a road & paved trail network, and several building structures.

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This is an 8 1/2 x 17 (legal) map download for an individual print and use.  The purchase of this download does not give rights to create multiple copies, distribute, or sell the map.

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Rockwoods Permanent Course Map

Rockwoods Permanent Course Map

You will receive a link to download a Permanent Course at Rockwoods.

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