Gateway Grunt

The Gateway Grunt & Runt Off-road Challenge

Sunday, Feburary 24th

The Gateway Grunt & Runt Off-road Challenge will take place on Feb 24, 2013 at Greensfelder County Park and Rockwoods Range Conservation Area.  This Goat-styled event will feature two mass-start courses including the Grunt at 20k and the Runt at 10k.  Also offered will be standard point-to-point courses including Brown (short advanced – distance TBD), Orange (Intermediate - 5k), and Yellow (Beginner - 3k).  Please register early for the Grunt and Runt because limited space is available.

Goat-style race rules differ from the standard rules of a normal cross-country style orienteering meet.  The 2013 Grunt Rules are:

1)      Mass start – everybody starts at the same time.  Grunt at 9:00.  Runt at 9:45.  Runts will start on the second Grunt map.

2)      Following IS allowed.  At your own peril.  Normally, you must find your own way.  At a goat race, you can find a better orienteer and ride his/her coattails (if you can keep up).  The “following is allowed” rule does not mean that helping is allowed.

3)      Forked Controls.  There may be forking options.  From a given control you may be given an option of going to one of two controls.  You choose.  One pair of controls might offer a short but steep route versus a longer but flatter route.

4)      Skip a Control.    There will be two maps this year. You are allowed to skip one control on each map.

5)      No teams.  Everyone enters and competes as an individual.  However, the following rule (See #2) means that you CAN run as a group.

6)      Time Limits.  Grunt limit is 5.5 hours.  Runt limit is 4.5 hours.   ALL Grunters must complete the first map within 3 hours.  The transition control will be picked up after 3 hours.  Return to the finish prior to these limits or you will be DNF’d.

7)      Finish or Not.  ALL RACERS MUST REPORT IN AT THE FINISH AREA PRIOR TO LEAVING.  This is for your safety and our sanity.   At the 6 hours after the Grunt mass start, search and rescue will be initiated.  Searching for people who are at home eating dinner makes searchers very grumpy.

8)      Short coursing.  To avoid time cutoffs, racers may choose to ‘fast forward’, either to the map transition area or to the finish.  Once you have skipped a second control on a map, you are done with that map.  Don’t bother punching additional controls, they will not count towards your finishing total.

Additional info:

  • ·         Race HQ will be at the Greensfelder Visitor Center.
  • ·         Registration for the Grunt and Runt will open at 8 AM.
  • ·         Registration for the standard courses will open at 10 AM.
  • ·         Standard courses close at 2 PM.
  • ·         There will be water and snacks on the Grunt/Runt courses.  BUT the courses are long, the hills are steep, and it could be a warm day.   That said, the race director urges you to carry your own water and calories.
  • ·         Grunt and Runt will be e-punch.  SI Card is included in race fee.
  • ·         VERY IMPORTANT SPORTident NOTE for Grunters who have an SI  5’s or SI 8’s.  Leave em at home.  There might be 40 controls on the Grunt.  Don’t double punch!
  • ·         Hot food will be available at the finish.


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For more information, contact the meet director:

Bill Langton

bill (.) langton (at) gmail (.) com

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