West Tyson – November 7th, 2015


Want to have a treasure hunt in the woods?!

Where:  West Tyson Park, Chubb Shelter (stay to the left upon entering the park and it dead ends at Chubb shelter):  http://www.stlouisco.com/ParksandRecreation/ParkPages/WestTyson.

When:  Saturday, November 7, 2015. Too cool for poison ivy and bugs so come out to play!

Time:  Registration starts at 8:00, Start at 9:00.  Mass start for Score-O participants, then White and Orange course participants will start at 30 second intervals.

Equipment needed:  a compass (some available to borrow), a watch to keep track of time, all water/nutrition you’ll need on the course, a cell phone in case of emergency, and weather appropriate clothing (carry an extra fleece in cold weather).  Maps will be provided and distributed at registration.

Format:  There will be 3 courses:

  • Beginner’s course (White): Point-to-Point Format:  will be primarily trail-based with opportunities to learn orienteering features along the way.  Novice orienteers, kids or people interested in knowing more about the sport are encouraged to attend this event and start with this format.  West Tyson is very hilly so be prepared for some hill climbing and moderate-intensity hiking.  It will be approximately 2 Kilometers (1.2 miles) so please know your abilities.
  • Intermediate course (Orange): Point-to-Point Format:  will challenge contour reading skills and use of compass but with strong handrails, key access points, or identifiable features.   It will be approximately 5 Kilometers (3.1 miles).
  • Advanced: Score-O format:  Advanced orienteering with controls of different point value based on difficulty.  Lots of steep climbs/descents.  There are lots and lots of fascinating topographic treasures to be found on this course.  Arrive early to plan your route for success!  Time Limit:  2 hours.

Hope to see you out there!

Questions or comments, please call or text Josh Borgmeyer at 314-780-9759 or email:  josh@balancedbodyrehab.com.



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