Tilles Course – 2016

Here's a fun activity for Tilles Park (McKnight Rd. in Ladue).  This is an event put on by Al Beers in May of 2016.    This is a great adventure for beginners or kids.  Tilles is a relatively small and flat park.  You typically won't require a compass.  Just know that that McKnight Rd. runs North/South and that highway 40 is North.

You will download two files:

  1. The first is the map.  The map contains 26 locations (numbered 1-26).
  2. The second page is the answer key.  One table contains the clue number plus a name of a tree.  The second table contains a list of letters and names.

The goal is to find the tree at the numbered location.  At that tree, at the base is a memorial plaque indicating someone's name.   The plaques are small - about 8"x4" and flush with the ground usually.  Match the name of the person on the plaque with the associated location.  You should use each letter only once.

Questions?  You'll figure it out.

Price: $4.99

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