Upcoming Events

Here are the future events that are being planned for St. Louis Orienteering.  For events that are open for registration, please go to our Registration Page.  Also, a paper registration form can be found here to bring to the meet -> Registration Form

  • 2018-6-9 Des Peres Park Memory O

    Happy Summer!

    Come out to the first of our Summer Sprint Series at Des Peres Park

    SATURDAY, JUNE 9, 2018

    7:45 Registration,  8:00 AM Starts, 10:00 Pick Up.

    This one will test your navigational skills and memory!

    This is perfect for families and beginners but will also still be designed as a challenge for elites.

    There will be 2 maps:

    1.  White (Beginner):  Participants can carry the map with them and hone their navigational skills as they explore this fun municipal park with control points placed on strong, easy to identify landmarks.
    2. Red (Advanced):  Participants will study the map at the start and then collect all points from memory.  If they forget where a control point was placed, then they must return back to the start to look at the map once more to finish the course.  They must be careful to not punch the White course kites by mistake 🙂

    Please call, text or email if you have any questions:

    Josh Borgmeyer, 314-780-9759, jb.balancedbody@gmail.com


  • Orienteering Workshop with Dave Frei


    Orienteering Workshop with Dave Frei.  Come hear from one of the greats about how to successfully navigate a course.  What an opportunity!