Upcoming Events

Here are the future events that are being planned for St. Louis Orienteering.  For events that are open for registration, please go to our Registration Page.  Also, a paper registration form can be found here to bring to the meet -> Registration Form

  • 2017-12-31 Broemmelsiek Park “Bonfire O”

    This will be year 2 for this event.  Similar to last year, details to follow.  Melissa Kelley is the meet director.

  • 2018-01-13 Babler Cold Nose O

    As is tradition, Yvonne will direct a fantastic meet in January at Babler State Park.  Courses for all levels.  More details to follow, expect morning registration.

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  • 2018-03-24 Beaumount Scout Festival

    Another year of the tradition.  The 2018 Beaumount Scout Festival will be held this spring on March 24th.  All are welcome to attend and orienteer on the course.  Its a wonderful gathering of the scouts.  Family friendly course and event.  More details from David to follow.