Memberships are a flat $50 for the entire year. This includes fees for all normal SLOC events from January to December!

  • If you register as a “SLOC Member”, this membership covers your entire family – you, a spouse and any children under the age of 18.
  • If you register as a “Youth Group” – intended for youth groups (scout troops, a classroom club, etc.), all members under the age of 18 are covered as well as leaders while participating with the youth.

There may be special events that are not covered (significant events such as national meets – nothing like this is scheduled this year).

What if I’m not a member?

Normal Events – those that have standard orienteering maps, exceed an hour in duration, etc.

  • $20 for every adult for non-members.
  • $5 for youth- under 18

We may continue to host free Micro Events through the year as well

If you have any question about membership, contact our membership director.

Membership (2019)


A flat $50 to cover all normal SLOC events remaining in 2018 and 2019!


Price: $50.00

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