2019-02-24 Meramec

Come join SLOC as Gary Thompson sets one of his trademark Score-O. Time limit is 2 hours to find as many of those wonderful orange and white controls in the woods as possible. But don’t be late getting back, there’ll be a penalty.

Also offered will be Yellow and White O courses which will ensure there is something for absolutely everyone. The woods are wonderful this time of year and if you haven’t been to Meramec its a real treat.

Registration starts at 9 am at shelter #3. Courses close at 1 pm.

Don’t forget to purchase your 2019 Family Membership either through our website or at the event. For $50 your family is covered for all meets for the year. Individual meet fee is once again $20 for 2019.

2018-12-29 Broemmelsieck Bike and Foot O

Come join us for a great time in the woods, a bonfire and s’mores at the Holiday-O, Broemmelsieck Park, December 29, 2018, Shelter #7!

Three courses will be offered: beginner, intermediate and a bike-O (Weather permitting, the trails may be closed to bikes if it’s too wet. Either way, both foot courses will be offered). Registration starts at 9am with the first start at 10am. Courses close at 1pm.

We are will use e-punch so feel free to bring your own SI punch. If you don’t have your own don’t worry, we will have ones available to borrow.

2018-11-25 Turkey O at Hawn State Park

Hey all – you gotta get out to this one.  SLOC returns to Hawn State Park after a 5 year layoff.  Kevin Minton leads us there with a red/orange/white course options.
Sunday, November 25th
11:00 registration and 12pm start (2 min intervals).

2018-10-28 Castlewood Halloween Score O

Participant               Score            Time
Jeff Ryan                 340               57m 8s
Brian Neihaus          315               59m 15s
Nathan Graves         315              59m 45s
Jeff Sona                 265              1h 7m 58s
Avery’s                     255              1h
Minoi                       240               55m 30s
Ken Debeer             240              56m 39s
Josh Borgemeyer    235              1h 7m 59s
Dave Beattie            210              1h 5m 38s
Goff’s                      190               1h 4m 40s
Gaise                      170               58m 30s
Fawcett                  165               1h 0m 28s
Bart’s                      165               1h 4m 4s
Carrie Sona            160                56m 35s
Dan S                     160                1h 4m 31s
Deyo’s                    155                 47m
Minton’s                  120               1h 18m
Brian Hey                105               1h 8m 5s

2018-10-28 Halloween O Meet and Party (with costume contest)

Here’s a chance to get a look at Castlewood from an unusual perspective and then relax and have fun at the party.  The course will challenge your strategic skills, as the controls will be all over the map with a couple of decision points of major consequence.

Location (Start and Parking):  Castlewood State Park, 1401 Kiefer Creek Road, Ballwin, MO 63021  at Shelter #1, across from gazebo and rest room at trail head lot (follow signs)
When:  Sunday, October 28, Registration beginning 11am, Mass Start 12pm.
Format: 1 hour Score O (May be done as a Bike O with finish access by paved road)

The course begins in the main valley and ends near the stairs down to the railroad tracks.  After finishing, you will be directed to the party at Rudy’s new digs (e.g.bnb2b) about 100 yards walk away. (no metal spikes please).  A simple but satisfying repast with sustainably grown foods, wine, beer and sparkling juices and water will be provided.

There will be a costume contest with a wild animal theme judged by the honorable Yvonne. The costume should be worn on the run!

When you are rested and refreshed, a cool down jog/walk back to your cars down below will prime you for your next training day.

Thanks in advance for those of you who have offered to help with course design, map checking and vetting, etc.

RSVP and/or questions:  Contact Rudy Schwarz at rudysarch@att.net or 314-914-1120

2018-09-15 Kirkwood Night O

Kirkwood Night O                     # of Controls Time Division Rank Overall Rank
Hanna Jachna, David/Jason Hunt      22             33m 26s        1              1
Justin/Brendan Hunt, Joey Jachna, Charlie Caruso 22 40m 54s   2          3
Nathan/Mandy Goff                            22             44m 42s        3              5
Brad, Kate, Zoe Luis, Natasha Cap    16             42m 57s        4              7
Carissa Choi, Pilar Williamsen            14             40m 20s        5              10
Julia/Taylor Hartwell                           12(17-5)    50m 59s        6              17
Jim/Jennifer Bellm                             11             45m 26s        7               21
The Shaws                                         9              41m 47s        8.              23
Mark Geldmeier                                 22             37m 15s        1               2
Will Bray                                            22             44m 12s        2               4
Matt Dar                                            21             28m 6s          3               6
Jim Avery                                          15             39m 50s        4                7
Stephanie                                         15             40m 8s           5               8
Tristan Beuche(and 60lb pack)           8(10-2)     47m 30s        6               26
David Welsh                                       7(8-1)       47m 1s          7               27
Kid under 15
Gannon Niehaus                               15             42m 28s        1                9
Sam/Jeff Ryan                                  14             42m 45s        2               11
Tom/Angie Ryan                               14             43m 2s          3                12
Alex, Jason, Gisi Shafer                    14(15-1)    46m 45s        4                13
The Fabulous Four(FLynn, Sara, Pia, Gracie 13 44m 46s         5                14
Jimmy Muldoor                                 12             44m 47s         6                15
Charlie LaBarge                                12             44m 49s         7                16
Robert, Cassie, Amie Bart                11              40m 8s          8                 18
Melvin, Magael, Melun                      11              44m 58s        9                 19
Alicia, Sophia, Jim                            11              45m 26s      10                 20
Joe, Amelia, Sam S                          11              45m 50s      11                 22
Travis Brookemeyer/ Karol Koch        9(10-1)      46m 41s      12                 24
Tommy, Sutton, Nate, Hector, Gino, Nolan 9(11-2) 47m 14s   13                 25

2018-06-09 Des Peres Park Memory O Results

White Course
Des Peres Park
Memory O
Gabe Sison 0:13:11
Kate Shipp 0:18:00
Angie and Tommy Ryan 0:18:34
Troop 61 0:22:42
Buss Pack Troop 0:25:32
Patty Shipp 0:27:45
Zoe Lyons 0:31:15
Liam Carey 0:34:44
Anna and Victoria Gochkov 0:35:30
Robert and Aimee Port 0:38:20
Matt untimed
Nathan and Eileen Graves untimed
*Results for the yellow course are lost – sorry!!

2018-11-17 & 18 Possum Trot

Orienteer Kansas and Possum Trot Orienteering Club invite you to attend the Possum Trot XIX weekend in Kansas City on Nov 17-18, 2018.
Saturday will feature a sprint course hosted by Orienteer Kansas.
Sunday will feature the famous Possum Trot, a long “goat” event hosted by Possum Trot O Club.
Further details will be updated on this page as they become available:

2018-09-15 Kirkwood Night O

Come join us for a fun family night Orienteering event!!!

Kirkwood city park is a great place to orienteer at night for scouts, families, beginning, and advanced orienteerers.

Registration opens at 7:00pm
Mass start at 8:00pm
Course closes at 8:45pm
Whoever has the most checkpoints in the shortest time wins!

Bring a flashlight or headlamp and meet at the “scout” shelter.
Bring everyone and come on by. David Frei will be setting and directing the meet yet again!