2018-04-29 Greensfelder O Meet Results

Thanks to Kevin for taking his first crack at running a meet.  Well done and great to be in Greensfelder as usual.  A gem in St. Louis County.


Red Course
Place Name CPs Time
1 Nathan Graves 13 1:50:00
2 Mickey Bioanoff 13 1:53:00
3 David Hagen 13 2:05:00
4 Tim Guetersloh 13 2:18:00
5 Scott Herbst and Crew 13 2:36:00
6 Jim Avery 9 2:19:00
7 Matt Dorr Lost Passport N/A
Orange Course
Place Name CPs Time
1 Brent Suydam 10 2:38:00
2 Rudy Schwarz 7 2:30:00
3 “Super Kate” Geisen 7 3:04:00
4 Rachel and Libby 6 2:16:00
5 Neil Dickhaus 4 1:24:00
6 Sang Mok and Crew 1 1:55:00
7 Joe and Tamara Szabo 0 3:50:00
8 John Lappe Lost Passport N/A
White Course
Place Name CPs Time
1 Gochkov Family 8 0:49:00
2 Cassie Bart 8 1:07:00
3 Rachel and Libby 8 1:23:00
4 Jack Beattie 8 1:24:00
5 Nathan Graves and Crew 8 1:50:00
6 Travis Sumner and Crew 2 0:58:00
7 Andy Wit. And Crew Lost Passport N/A
8 Estella Cortivo Lost Passport N/A


2018-05-6 St. Francois State Park O Meet Results

Thanks to Dave Welsh for putting on a good event at a good park that we hadn’t visited in quite some time.  Results from the day are below.

2018/May/06 St. Francois
Course Name Points Time
Julia/Taylor/Justin 7 0:30:14
Alane Wolins 7 0:30:00
Jack Nankivil 7 0:42:03
Gary, Mggie, & Alan 7 ?
Lora Welsh 6 1:28:00
Brennan: Steve, Elizabeth, Kim, Emily 10 1:30:43
Jarrod & Jessica Mermis 10 1:52:12
Rachel Egger/ Lilbby Kam 10 2:13:00
Kate Geisen 8 2:13:55
Alane Wolins 8 2:25:10
Brent, Caroline, Will 3 1:58:00
Mark Geldmeier 9 0:56:23
Melissa Kelly 9 1:06:20
Adam Smith 9 1:35:06
Scott Kelley 8 1:16:20
Nathan Graves 10 1:20:30
Kevin Minter 10 1:31:20
Tim Guetersloh 10 1:37:02
Robert Bart 9 2:29:23
Joe Marncel 4 1:58:56


2018-6-9 Des Peres Park Memory O

Happy Summer!

Come out to the first of our Summer Sprint Series at Des Peres Park


7:45 Registration,  8:00 AM Starts, 10:00 Pick Up.

This one will test your navigational skills and memory!

This is perfect for families and beginners but will also still be designed as a challenge for elites.

There will be 2 maps:

  1.  White (Beginner):  Participants can carry the map with them and hone their navigational skills as they explore this fun municipal park with control points placed on strong, easy to identify landmarks.
  2. Red (Advanced):  Participants will study the map at the start and then collect all points from memory.  If they forget where a control point was placed, then they must return back to the start to look at the map once more to finish the course.  They must be careful to not punch the White course kites by mistake 🙂

Please call, text or email if you have any questions:

Josh Borgmeyer, 314-780-9759, jb.balancedbody@gmail.com


2018-5-6 St. Francois State Park O Meet

You are in luck!  Two meets in two weeks at one of the most beautiful times of the year.  We head south of St. Louis to St. Francois State Park.  David Welsh will direct the meet.  He did a great job of reviving S-F last April and now he brings up St. Francois.

Registration at 12pm with starts to follow.  Meet at shelter #2. 

Courses offered for all skill levels: Yellow, Orange, Green, Red

SUNDAY, MAY 6, 2018

2018-4-29 Greensfelder O Meet

We return to Greesnfelder for a late spring event.  Multiple courses will be offered including a basic hike for the newbie who have never done a meet.  Of course, you know Greensfelder will have a solid red course as well with lots of climb for all the crazies.  Kevin Minton will be the race director.

Registration begins at 11am at the Glassberg Shelter

SUNDAY, APRIL 29, 2018

2018-02-11 Meramec O Meet





Gary Thompson will put out a set of courses for us at Meramec State Park.  The event is this coming Sunday, February 11th.  Registration starts at 11am at Shelter #1, with individual starts to follow.  The course will close at 4pm.  We will have four point to point courses on Sunday.  A “yellow” course for beginners which follows trails, an “orange” course which is longer and will have controls located slightly off trail, a “green” course which will be off trail with more distance and climb and navigational challenges and a “red” course which is the longest, most technical, most climb and for those who have some experience navigating and want a physical and mental challenge.

There will be families and individuals participating in each course.  There is truly something for everyone.  If you need a little help, we will have members available at the start to give instruction.  We rent compasses if you need one and provide a map and case for each participant.  You just need to come dressed for the weather.  If you plan to do one of the longer courses you may want a snack and some water.  There will be snacks and water at the race start.
For current members, this event is included in your membership.  If you would like to join, memberships cover the calendar year and are $50.  We hold 1 race per month during the year so now is a great time to join and get up to 11 events free for the rest of the year.

2018-03-24 Beaumount Scout Festival

Another year of the tradition.  The 2018 Beaumount Scout Festival will be held this spring on March 24th.  All are welcome to attend and orienteer on the course.  Its a wonderful gathering of the scouts.  Family friendly course and event.  Please see the attached documents for more info.

Registration at Emerson Conference Area begining at 8am, starts end at 10:30am.  Course closes at 12pm

2018 SOF Rules of Competition

2018 Festival Flyer

Club Event



2018-01-13 Babler Cold Nose O

As is tradition, Yvonne will direct a fantastic meet in January at Babler State Park.  Courses for all levels.  More details to follow, expect morning registration.  Wite, orange, green, and red courses will be out.

Registration at 9am, starts begin at 10am.

Sign up as a member and get the entire year’s race fees covered!


Thanks to Yvonne for a great set of courses.

Babler State Park – SLOC
January 13, 2018
Race Director Yvonne Deyo
Red Course
Name/Group Start End Total CPs
Nathan Graves 60 2:32:32 1:32:32 14
Josh Borgmeyer 57 2:39:58 1:42:58 14
Bryan Niehaus 42 2:25:19 1:43:19 14
Bill Langton 35 2:23:50 1:48:50 14
Melissa Kelley 45 2:51:08 2:06:08 14
Mickey Boianoff 40 2:46:20 2:06:25 14
Scott Kelley 36 2:53:11 2:17:11 14
Kate Geisen 46 3:09:51 2:23:51 14
Chuck Vohsen 32 2:58:08 2:26:08 14
Nathan Goff 31 2:58:08 2:27:08 14
Kevin Minton 33 3:04:30 2:31:30 14
Scott Herbst 59 3:32:02 2:33:02 14
Green Course
Name/Group Start End Total CPs
Tim Guetersloh 1:04 2:41:05 1:37:05 10
Rudy Schwarz 38 2:26:57 1:48:57 10
Brian Hey 34 2:26:28 1:52:28 10
David Welsh 1:45 4:02:10 2:17:10 10
Brent Svydam 52 3:36:27 2:44:27 10
Bill and Jolene Mermis 26 3:29:02 3:03:02 7
Jarrod Mermis 26 3:29:02 3:03:02 7
Orange Course
Name/Group Start End Total CPs
Brittany and Kevin Sharitz 37 2:19:34 1:42:34
Alane Wolins 55 2:40:56 1:45:56
Spencer and David Melby 30 2:16:10 1:46:10
Gabriel Sison 29 3:08:24 2:39:24
White Course
Name/Group Total CPs
Tom and Hannah Gutmann 26:44:00
John, Beck, Siri Vogel 29:17:00
Alane Wolins 38:00:00